My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Feelin' the LOVE, BABY!


Feelin' the LOVE, BABY!

Okay, let me just start out by saying that I have married the best man ever! He arranged to surprise me on 2peas for my birthday...well a couple days early...but who doesn't love early surprises! So many great ladies have posted the most fabulous cards for my birthday! All day long I have been feelin' the 2pea love! Thanks to all you of who have made this birthday a special one!...Also, Alisha Gordon dedicated an entry in her blog just to wish me a Happy Birthday. I was blown away of the nice gesture! She is so sweet and am grateful that I have met her!

Tomorrow, I am going shopping with some early birthday money and I haven't decided what I want to blow it of course there is always scrapbook stuff. There are a few items that I have been wanting for a a white sharpie, or a new font for my Making Memories rubber stamp set. I guess that will be part of the fun for tomorrow.

Saturday, which is my actual birthday, Ian is letting me be the boss (not like I am not every weekend) and we can do what every I want. So I am thinking about taking some fun spring photos with all the cherry blosoms...have a picnic since it's going to be nice and just soak up some sun. Maybe a movie if there is one out and we are definitely going to Happy Sumo for dinner. I really did not like that place until I had the Fuji Chicken. TO DIE FOR!!! Well atleast mame for!

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed all of the love. Its only fair to share some, especially when you give so much love to the boards and the entire pea community.