My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Family



Yesterday I got to see some extended family that I haven't seen in a year or so. We got together and had the usually taco salad...not particularly my favorite...but good none the less! My family loves to do four things...

1. Get together and eat.
2. Get together and talk for hours.
3. Get together and play cards.
4. Get together and eat some more.

It has always been and always will be. And I love every minute of it. I snapped this cute little picture of two of my second cousins.
Then I asked them to do a silly face...Instantly they pulled these faces!
I really don't know where they come up with it???
My cousins Dallas, Taylor, Ciera and her husband Bryant


  1. How fun! I love family get-togethers. :)

  2. sounds like all the things I do at my family get togethers.

  3. those kids are adorable! you guys take such cute pictures.

  4. hey you forgot we play spoons too!!!!! okay, well i guess thats classified under card games, but still, you know we play like no one else!