My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Proof of Family


Proof of Family

I created this little proof sheet of my family at my cousin Tyler's wedding. I really like to use alot of pictures in my scrapbooks, but I hate doing too many muliple layouts for one event. It looks alot better in person, but I am loving this! It's just going to go on a one page layout with some journaling. We will see how well this turns out. It could be a disaster! I think I am also addicted to over exposed pics...I just like the look.


  1. Hey chicky, I totally agree, over exposure ROCKS! I did a paper layout a couple of months ago with this same style, with the proofs of pics. Really Cool stuff!

  2. hey amy-
    i was just wondering last night how to get pictures in a photobooth style photo strip. do you have a special program that does it? like photoshop or something?

  3. yea, i too am likin' the overexposed look, though I haven't tried it out. Hello to the family...we miss them!! and I totally am lifting the proof sheet idea!

  4. Love it!! I need to learn how to do stuff like that ya tech-nerd...;)