My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Cross your fingers...


Cross your fingers...

I heard on the radio yesterday that they are giving away a trip for two to DisneyLand for the premiere of Pirates 2. HELLO! How long has this been going on and where was I? My chances are slim, but cross your fingers that this wonder nerd WINS!!! I mean, really I know that I won't win, but how cool would that be. More pictures to scrapbook! I am a crazy nut, but these are some of the things that get me through the day. I need children so I can come back to reality and grow up (just a little!)


  1. OOOOOOOOO I hope you win, we will be there (at the disneyland hotel) while the stars are in the park (for the premire) I wish I could go lol. They have pirates closed this coming week, while we will be there too :( *whine lol*

    Crossing fingers for you ;)

  2. Good luck!!! Who might be your turn=0) Good Karma your way, Susan