My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Fried Pickles anyone???


Fried Pickles anyone???

Yesterday was the day...for fried pickles!

I love watching Good Things Utah and every Wednesday they feature a viewer's recipe. I have been craving and making fried pickles for weeks now and decided it may be unique enough to get accepted. AND THEY DID! It was originally supposed to be on a couple of weeks ago, but they postponed it until yesterday. I didn't even know it was going to be on until I was watching the show last Friday and they said my name! So exciting...well atleast I think so. Here is the recipe for the pickle goodness! You can even watch the video! I am a dork, I know!
Along with that good news came some more good news. Scrapbook Trends picked up my Christmas Delights Recipe Tag book for their One Amazing Album Article for the December issue! I can't wait to see it in print.
Ian even had a wonderful day...getting a brand new Mac computer will do that to you...well him atleast! He was like a little boy Christmas morning. So of course I had to put a picture of him and his new baby here!


  1. Never had fried piclkles before, have to try that! Men and thier toys, they are just like kids, but really is there anything cuter.

  2. my 8-yr-old dd LOVES pickles. We'll have to try this!!! : )

  3. WHOOHOO!! Just had some from Applebees item...not bad...think I mentioned TOM LOVES THEM...can't wait to try it and surprise him. (Nice Mac, Ian!) Congrats on the mag pickup!

  4. i'm going to make some fried pickles this week!! amy you are awesome! you are going to be famous soon!!

  5. YAY! How cool is that?! Fried pickles huh? never had one...or even heard about it until now hehe...I *would* try it...hesitantly though I have to admit lol. Boys will be boys I guess ;)