My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Hallelujah!



It's only 2:30 and it's already been a fantastic day! I picked up Ian from the airport this morning and couldn't stop loving on him. You would have thought he had been gone for a month instead of 6 days. Then when we got home, the door bell rang and there was a fun treat waiting for me. Not one package, but TWO fabulous packages! One of my apron customers from England sent me some delicious choccies (what she called them)

and I am so excited for some new things I haven't even tried. I told her to surprise me so Lindsay threw in a couple of her favorites. My only specification was CADBURY!!!

THEN, I got the ultimate package from a long lost friend from Canada. Her name is Melissa and she is wonderful. I met her while in Canada and we didn't keep in touch. One day last year I was on 2peas and saw her picture...or what I thought was her. I was brave and emailed her to find out if she was the same person I was thinking of. She was and now we email back and forth and have fun praising each other's layouts. I was missing some foods from the "north country" so she sent me some of my favorites! Especially the peach juice! I probably could have drown myself more than once by drinking so much of it! She also included some Wunderbars, Eat Mores, Kinder Eggs, Smarties and Ichiban. I know it's just ramen noodles, but things always seem to taste better when the are from somewhere else!

Thanks Melissa and Lindsay! You have made my month...cause that's about how long all of this will last!


  1. Ohhh, nothing like a great mail day, AND chocolate!! YUM!

  2. You know Amy,
    I never get yummies in the mail.
    Chicago is in, oh let's see . . .
    What a coincidence, eh?

  3. Aaaaahhh, you make me long for home... Eatmores are one of my favorites but have you tried a Coffee Crisp yet? Mmm mmm mmm. I have my mom send me these and Red Rose Tea all the time, but I also pick them up when I visit. There's a British store down the road and they charge almost $3.00 for a Coffe Crisp...insane!!

    Oh and one last crazy thing that even my DH agrees with, Canadian craft dinner is sooo much better. Makes the US stuff taste so blah. Especially the white cheddar(the US kind is tastelss!), so if you like mac & cheese ask her to send you a couple boxes...LOL. ;)

  4. cadburys chocloate is divine but you must also try Glaxy. i should try and send you some. You will die from heaveness.

  5. looks so yummy!