My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Hphmmmm!



I am not wanted to post anything new because I love looking at those yummy pictures when I open my blog, but atleast they are saved! Last night I went to the grocery store and happened upon some new M&M's that were dedicated to pirates 2 so I bought a little bag of white chocolate M&M's (passing that info along to Margie thru you Barbie) and a bag of peanut ones for Ian's lunch today. All because of a tiny picture of Johnny on the front! Sigh...

The reason I am blogging is this...last night I had some ointment on for a physical ailment (which will remain nameless) and I told Ian that I smelt like an old person. He replies with, " Well, you are almost 30!" I got to that I am getting older, when does old...get old! When I was 16, 30 was old. But now that I am approaching THAT age, it's not so old anymore. Will I still feel the same when I turn 50 or 80 or 103 (cause that's when I plan on dying)? Very interesting...not really, but I did have to blog today!


  1. Girl, I am right there with ya, I'm getting close to 30 too and it is starting to make me wonder just the same. I totally saw those golden M&M's the other day but I didn't buy then cuz I have NO will power and would eat the entire bag while scrappin' a few pages.

  2. yea, i remember when 30 was old and now that i am 20 13 (still in my 20s, see), i think i'll consider 100 to be old from now on. i had such a hard time with 30. i'm over it now, though. hey, didn't oprah say that the 30s are the new 20s...if not, that's my story anyways...=0)