My Name Is Snickerdoodle: 9 weeks and 5 days


9 weeks and 5 days

I really hate being photographed from the side and front. I am a take it from the shoulders up kinda girl, but I will totally make an acception for profile belly pictures! This picture was taken this last Monday.


  1. AWWW!You look so adorable. I know that its totally cliche...but you definitely have that glow! Congrats!

  2. you look great!!!!!!! Congratulaions!!!!

  3. Ames,
    You look sooooo good. Can't wait to see your baby.
    Saw this program on TLC about a lady who had sextuplets (6!!) at once - she looked 6 months pregnant at 15 weeks.
    Thanks for sharing - keep the photos coming.

  4. LOVIN' IT!!!! Don't know if you are going to do this naturally or not, but we did the Bradley method and it was all about the massage and relaxing mom, starting from the very beginning of pregnancy, so it'll be totally easy during the delivery and IT WORKED!! (Plus I had a great doula!)...gotta update my blog at some point, too! LOVE YA!