My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Phew!



I am back! Well I have been back from Chicago for 3 days now and I am still pooped. I worked twice as hard at the January trade show and I didn't feel half this tired. I guess this baby is really sucking it out of me! (And I don't mind a bit!) I had a great time and did fantastic with being pregnant and traveling. Landings were a little rough, but they were before. We stayed in the nicest room with the most comfortable bed that it made me not miss my own. I don't think I have ever eaten out so much in my life. All three meals for five days in a row is not so much fun by the fourth day. We did get to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (my second favorite resturaunt next to Pappasitos) and had the most delicious Chicken Piccata and Godiva Cheesecake. The traveling to get there wasn't too much fun, but once I ate my cheesecake in the hotel room, my dislike for the subway and downtown Chicago at 10:00 at night somewhat disappeared. Kristie is the best hotel roommate ever! Thanks for letting me keep the room at 65 the whole time!
I am getting caught up on my baby journal writing and starting to get the bug to clean, clean, clean! I am also counting down the days to find out what the gender is...even though Ian and I both know it is a girl. I looked on a Chinese Baby Calendar today and it confirmed it. Because you know how accurate those are!
Well I have pictures to post, but I am off to teach a class. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so tired...maybe!

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  1. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!! Sounds like cha was fun...can't wait to hear more. Does your head point north in your bed?? Could be a girl, I think...Can't wait to find out. Waiting on Susan and the girls to get here next week and we'll be BUSY!! Love ya and give the belly a rub for all of us!