My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Finally, something to blog about!


Finally, something to blog about!

Well, this may be the dumbest thing that I put on my blog, but it's too good not to! I was actually sitting in front of my blog screen trying to think of something to blog about when I found this! Thanks Jen for the great entertainment! For the best viewing pleasure, turn the sound off, but if you are a big Veggie Tales fan, turn your screen off and blare the speakers. This method is not recommended by the blog author!
*Thanks Barb and Ian for video instructions!

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  1. R U kiddin' me...nothing to blog about???;0) Enjoying the Orlando video... Us and the girls took in DC include THE ruby slippers and a FAB all you can eat seafood buffet! And what trip up that way is complete without a trip to IKEA?! Rub the belly!!Love ya!