My Name Is Snickerdoodle: 27 hours and counting...


27 hours and counting...

I really can't believe that it's tomorrow. THE ULTRASOUND!!! Ian and I couldn't stop talking about it all weekend long. I will absolutely be shocked if it's a boy because I have convinced myself it's a girl. If it does happen to be a boy, then I will be super excited...shocked...but excited!
A while ago Ian made the suggestion of premaking some layouts for the baby's book. I have made baby book scrapbooks for a couple of friends, but I never thought to make myself one. So this weekend, I got to work. Ian even pitched in and created two layouts of his own. Now if we have a boy, I will have to save these for another are the layouts for your viewing pleasure!

I sewed three pockets on the side for the hospital id bands

Ian's adorable layouts

The tabs pull out for the hospital visitors to write a little something on.


  1. Amy, I LOVE the pocket idea! I'm SO going to have to remember that for our second one! Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes!

  2. i love those're so creative and clever. i'm excited to hear how your appointment goes. sending lots of happy baby vibes your way.


  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    These are so cute! Cant wait to read about the ultrasound!

  4. Cute layouts!
    Be sure and post the news AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT!
    Can't wait . . .

  5. You have us on the edges of our seats!! Please come home and head straight to your computer to give us the great news!

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    You know that I love these pages!!! They are beautiful and I am dying to find out!!! You'll be a great mommy! Rub the buddha!! Love ya!