My Name Is Snickerdoodle: No More Mystery Baby!


No More Mystery Baby!


I went for my follow up visit at my doctor's office to find out the results of the last ultrasound. The whole way there I was just hoping upon hoping that he would be able to give me a quick ultrasound just to look for the gender. Well the first good news is the 4 lbs I've lost over the last 4 months I gained back so now I am at the weight I was before I got pregnant. The second good news I got is that the results came back as perfect as they could be and I am right on schedule. Then with my desparate plea, my dr. was happy to give me a third ultrasound. He found the butt right away and even though it still wasn't the best view, he proclaimed it was 90% girl! I was so thrilled to just found out one way or another. Now I can officially call her a she. Ian and I are very excited that we went out yesterday and bought different material for an actual quilt from an actual quilt shop instead of "fake" material from Jo-Ann's. :) I am hoping to have it mostly done today then we are going to have the quilt shop finish it off and stitch stars into the snail trail. Now I can plan all I want without using the colors green or yellow!!!

*I got another recipe accepted to be featured on Good Things Utah that I am so excited about. They have a cheesy studio audience so I am going to try to go when they make it. Too cool!


  1. Congrats on your girl Amy!!!!! So cool. Send some of those baby vibes my way, would you? ;)

  2. YAY glad you finally got to find out. Congrats. Pink is always good :)

  3. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I am so happy for you guys!! YIPPEE!! I've got stuff for you=0) Rub the buddha! Take care of yourself...this includes lots of naps! Love ya!