My Name Is Snickerdoodle: 26 WEEKS!!!


26 WEEKS!!!

Look at that big ol' belly!!! And I love every inch of it. I don't think I look that big in person, but that would be from my downward perspective!
I have kept myself really busy today so I think I am working out my kooky hormones. It's kinda fun to be nesting. We have so many plans between now and February that I will not be surprised that we will have a baby with what will seem like tomorrow. Here is my check list from now until the end of the year..

*Nov. 18 Mom's Birthday
*Nov. 18 Fondue Thanksgiving with the gang
*Nov. 20 Dr. Appointment
*Nov. 21-25 Thanksgiving in Colorado
*Nov. 26 Josh's Missionary Homecoming
*Nov. 28 Teach Scrapbook Class
*Nov. 29 Teach Scrapbook Class
*Nov. 30-Dec. 5 Ian's Mom fly in
*Dec. 1 Ian's Work Party
*Dec. 1-4 Amory and Ben fly in
*Dec. 2 Logan goes to the temple
*Dec. 3 Give Relief Society Lesson
*Dec. 3 Cousin's Baby Blessing
*Dec. 12 Dr. Appointment
*Dec. 13 Ian's Birthday
*Dec. 16-26 John and Julie fly in
*Dec. 17 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert (Morning)
*Dec. 17 Family Christmas Party (Night)
*Dec. 18 Baby Shower
*Dec. 20 Fondu Christmas Party with John and Julie
*Dec. 25 Christmas
*Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Party

And I am sure I'm missing somethings, but that I all my brain can hold right now. It's going to be super busy, but I am very excited to see family and friends.


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Looking good!!! You are soo glowing...NOW I know why I love Ian!! His b-day is the day before mine!! How weird is that?? (Me and dh's anniversary is the 18th of you can add that to you list...a nice little anniversary album will do fine;0)13 years!) Love you guys both and ENJOY it girl!! Rub the buddha!

  2. looks like you have a busy couple of months. hope you get time to relax too :)


  3. Whew! That is quite the holiday line-up!

    You look adorable! I can't wait to meet your little peanut!