My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Finally



The few people who do read my blog have probably given up on me since it's been too long since I have posted anything. We had most of Ian's family in town so I had a super busy weekend! Everyone had a blast, but I still feel like I am recovering.
Ian is my blog mananger and has been bugging me to update so I will update with some cute pictures of the finished baby quilt. I cannot stop loving on it! I finished the binding yesterday and am pretty pleased with the first time outcome. Now, if I can just afford to scrapbook and quilt!
The front...
Then a peek at the back...which Ian says looks like little old lady material. It's just shabby chic!

We had them stitch a curly vine with some random five point stars into it. Since her name means's not obvious on the quilt, but I love it!


  1. Anonymous2:02 AM

    adorable. will you make me one please?

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  3. It is a gorgeous quilt!! So....what is her name?? :)

  4. Dude! TOTALLY lovin' on the stars in the quilt! How adorable!

  5. Anonymous3:56 PM

    It is absolutely beautiful, girl!! Stella will love it!!! Great job and you're doing better at the blog than me. Love ya!

  6. Barb I would love to make one for you!

  7. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Love this, the quilt is soooo pretty!!!!!