My Name Is Snickerdoodle: 2007



I am in complete awe of 2007. I had a feeling that is was going to be good, but I had no idea of how fabulous it was going to be...and it's only the 17th. Odd years are supposed to be the best (so I hear). I think the best part about it is that our baby girl is coming soon. 5 more weeks and counting! Ian's kickin' butt at his job and got rewarded for it on Monday. Something dumb, but important to me, that I am completely caught up with my scrapbooks. A few more things that cannot be mentioned, but they are big!
And even when things don't go well, in the end they are better than they originally ended up. Monday night we spent the night with Ian's little brother in Riverton. He was all by himself so we decided to make a night of dinner and movie as well. Since he will be leaving for his mission at the end of this month, we are trying to spend a lot of time with him. I found out the hard way that when you are 8+ months, sleeping in someone else's queen bed, when you sleep in a king, is not so much fun. I got about 45 minutes of sleep. I was pretty grouchy the next morning and just wanted to get home. We got up early because I still had to drop Ian off at work. He was driving (luckily) in the HOV lane when the car just stop accelerating. We were blessed to not have anyone coming up behind us so he pulled over to the shoulder. The Jeep sputtered and died. We got it started again and it sputtered three more times. It only happened when you turned on the heater so we knew it wasn't the battery. Luckily we got it to our autoshop, but they weren't open for another 1/2 hour. Since we couldn't have the heater on and the temp outside was below zero, we walked about a 1/2 mile to the McDonald's. I am surprised that didn't put me into labor with how cold it was. We kept joking that it would be just funny if my water broke while eating my sausage biscuit...well, I was joking about that. Ian wasn't amused! Finally they opened up and my mom came to get us. They replaced the heater motor and quoted us an amount. Way more than we could afford, but did have the money for it. They called us back late yesterday afternoon and quoted us half of the first amount! We were thrilled. I love when things happen like that, because they almost never do.
So hail 2007!!!


  1. McDonalds wasn't 1/2 a mile. I love how you don't know distance. It was maybe a football field away. It was really cold out. I love that no matter what happens if I am with Amy things are just fine.

  2. uh, ummm...hold on Ian...she's preggers and pretty close to being due, so I'm sure that her 1/2 mile estimate was really short a mile or 2, you try being prego and walking (I can't even imagine- in THE cold) ya Ian...and Amy...hang in there, a few more short weeks {I've got secrets that I can share} and what is so big and you can't mention? you know I won't be able to sleep now. love ya, rub the buddha!