My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Dance Recital


Dance Recital

For three days straight, Stella has given me my own personal dance recital. She is non-stop moving and a shaking! It's crazy to watch my belly do it's own thing. How wonderful!
I will give you a little clue on our happens to do with photography and Ian. It's big for us, but I didn't want you all thinking it was really something huge like we were moving to Africa! It will be a couple of months away and he cannot wait!


  1. well, as stella gets bigger...your belly (on the inside) only gets's definitely a strange thing to see a foot or elbow poke out...and if the big surprise has anything to do with ian and photography it has to be great...because i think he's a great i will TRY to wait patiently! Rub the buddha!

  2. Congratulations to Ian!! :) Can't wait to hear the news!