My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Downhill Slide


Downhill Slide

Happy New Year, everyone! December flew by in a flash and I am kinda grateful it's over. Usually I am one who would love for Christmas to last forever, but I am too excited for this child to come, that I couldn't put the tree down fast enough. Nesting and all! We had a fabulous (quiet) Christmas. We got to visit with some family and friends that we haven't seen in years, got sick (sorry Barb I missed lunch) felt better, then got sick again. Nothing compaired to my friend Julie and her kids! They are still sick from Christmas and I feel aweful. Shopping and cleaning have pretty much taken up my days since then.
We also had a quiet New Years with a candle lit dinner and sparkling peach juice. Ian and I both get the bug to clean and organize this time of year so I am loving it extra this time of the pregnancy. Today I have just a handful of things to do (organizational wise) and I will be pretty much ready for her to come. We just have the carseat and stroller to purchase, diapers and wipe and we are set!!!
Next week I am going to a three day retreat with some friends to scrapbook the weekend away. I have been sketching and printing pictures so I can just slap layouts together. I plan on having all (9) layouts that need to be finished for 2006 (yes I am finally caught up) my pregnancy album started and finished, and more pre-made baby book pages done! WOO HOO!!! I cannot wait to finally scrapbook again and not feel like I have to clean every little space! What a nice break from myself!


  1. Good luck on all the scrapping and cleaning! :) Sounds like you're having a ton of fun getting ready for that baby girl!

  2. you are too funny...i remember the urge to clean and it totally left after the birth of k...have fun on your retreat. rub the buddha!

  3. i didn't get to kiss the belly.

  4. i still love you, though.