My Name Is Snickerdoodle: These are a few of my favorite things...


These are a few of my favorite things...

I have decided that one of my top 10 favorite things is getting into a freshly laundered and made bed. Ian has been sick the last couple of days so I decided to make us both feel better I would wash our bed linens. Don't get me wrong...I do wash them frequently, but sometimes it warrants a special occasion other than the regular schedule. I think I slept better last night because of it. I wish I had the energy to do that every day.
All I want to do lately is lay in bed. However I am so uncomfortable having only two sleeping left side or right side! I am an avid back sleeper and was lucky enough to be able to up until a month ago. Ian has been a trooper with offering shoulder massages so I try not to complain (too loudly)!
A couple of months ago I signed up for every free baby sample I could think of. Prepaid postcards and online. I am finally reaping the rewards of all that nerdy frugalness. So far we have gotten free diapers, wipes, wash, and formula. No one knows that I love free stuff more than my friend Julie. There could be a story to tell that I "unknowingly" used her as a decoy to a sales counter lady as I filled up my purse with free samples of cologne and perfume at a Texas Dillard's department store. That is the greedy side of me when it comes to free things. I am usually not just happy with one. One of my many downfalls. That is why I am trying to turn that frown upside down and working the free baby stuff system!

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