My Name Is Snickerdoodle: "Ketchup" Entry


"Ketchup" Entry

I used to be a really big journal writer when I was younger. Almost every night I would write something, anything, just to write. On the rare occasion that I would slack off for a few days or even weeks, I would write what I called my "ketchup" entries. So now that I am a blogger, I will carry on the slacker tradition and do the same here!

*Everyone has asked me if Liam is a good sleeper. I would smile and gladly say, "Yes, and he is even sleeping through the night!" I totally jinxed myself. He WAS sleeping through the night for two weeks and now he changed up "the schedule" by waking up at least twice now.

*We bought a new car! A nice little Chevy Malibu. Bye bye Jeep...well...when we put it up for sell on Monday. Any takers???

*Ian had a fantastic time when he took pictures at the Kodak theater in Hollywood a couple weeks back. This weekend he has been in Salt Lake taking more pictures of a function hosted by the Jazz.

*The house is finally clean, laundry is all done, and I showered by 9:00am today!

*Liam is going to be blessed on Easter Sunday. I am so looking forward to it, especially that it is going to be on such a special holiday.

*I went shopping for clothes this last week and found some cute, non-pregnant clothes. The best part about it is that I am a pant size smaller than I was pre-pregnancy! WOO HOO!

*My *cough* 30th *cough* is coming up in two weeks. Still don't know how I feel about that.

*I had some time to blog tonight.

*I captured a sleepy dream smile from Liam!!!


  1. awww. i love his sweet face. sounds liek things are going really well. i hope you will come visit when you visit!!

  2. yea, g was a good sleeper for the first 6 weeks, then it changes...NAP WHEN HE NAPS!!

    i figured the jeep would be leaving soon...not very baby friendly...=0(

    WHAT IS GOING ON WITH IAN? i never got the full story...sounds WOW!!

    30 is not so bad...

    kiss the babe!!