My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day

TO ME!!! What a sigh of relief that this year's Mother's Day tears were ones of happiness and gratefulness. I waited 7 years to celebrate a holiday that I used to loathe. The night before Ian kicked the festivities off by cleaning our entire home AND even washed bottles which is not my favorite thing to do. The next morning he took care of Liam's early morning needs AND made me a delicious breakfast of french toast with strawberries and bananas. After going to church, crying during the primary children's singing and receiving a rose, Ian made me a picnic and took me up the canyon to a gorgeous park. Everything I wanted the day to be. Oh, and "Liam" made me a card that I will cherish forever!


  1. what a beautiful picture're so lucky {and so is ian and liam}...i'm so happy for you!! love ya girl!

  2. How adorable is that picture? :)

    Congratulations on celebrating your first mother's day! I'm glad it was a happy one!

  3. Liam is so cute. I understand the tears of joy. My little one may not be here yet, but I felt movement for the first time on Sunday...yeah!!

    You have the sweetest husband, I am glad that he made your day extra special. Love you!

  4. OMG Ian is just sooooo CUTE! REALLY, he looks like a little doll!