My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Exciting news!!!


Exciting news!!!

That I can't give you the details on just yet, but I am more than excited. Sorry for the teaser, but I just can't stand myself! It's an opportunity that came my way out of no where.

Side note...I think I have come to love online shopping! I haven't done it much, but I can see how people can get in trouble. All it takes is a click! And I didn't even buy anything for myself. I bought two pairs of pants for Ian (who desperately needed them for work) and a this cute shirt for Liam because he desperately needed them to be more cute, if that's possible!


  1. that is a cute shirt!! i saw one @ ts for K that said in pink glitter "my mom rocks" but they didn't have her size. =0( congrats on the good news. i'm guessing, scrap related. can't wait for the details...and please update on all the pubs you've got coming out. kiss the little guy!

  2. Congrats to you!! Can't wait to hear more!!

    That shirt is so cute! Gotta love Gymboree!