My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Shout out to Susan!!!


Shout out to Susan!!!

I saw your blog today and love your little belly! You may wonder, why this entry, but I cannot for the life of me post on your blog. I've tried everything and it will not work. Well, I guess if I had tried everything I could get it to work! So please don't think I have been ignoring you. Tom and the kids look great! Love G's haircut, but I personally loved his longer do. He looked like a little stud!
Rub the belly!


  1. Hey girl!! Thanks for the shout out. I've gotten your posts (and have posted them, sometimes a day or two later). I turned moderating on to weed out the yucky comments. (Don't think I ever noted that any where.) The pic of me is from 2 weeks ago (13 -1/2 wks), no hiding the belly the 3rd time around.=0) No shame in my game! Thanks for all comments, girl. You KNOW that I love you (and your little family!) This made my day!!

  2. Good, I am so glad!!! Now I am a little embarassed because I kept trying so much that you probably got a ton of repeats. Dumb me! You know I love you and crossing my fingers that we get to see you next year. You are too cute!