My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Since



my last two posts were about a pick me up with an adorable picture! I still cannot get enough of him! He is rolling around everywhere and has been sleeping on his tummy for almost a month now. I was worried at first, but he loves it and sleeps so much better. It's weird to think that he is already 7 months old. We are still practicing the whole sitting up and I think he almost has it down. Darn that gravity!

Last night I couldn't sleep and all I could think about was scrapbooking. I haven't done it in months and am now just further behind on his album. I know why scrapbooking mother's roll their eyes in guilt when people even bring up the subject. I have some fun ideas in mind, I just need to sit down and do them...remember the whole procrastination thing???...I am going to push it aside and do some pages this weekend. A break is very well needed! To bad I didn't have an extra $100.00 just lying around so I can go and "buy" some inspiration at the scrapbook store.

Speaking of fun pictures (above) Ian is upgrading to a 40D camera and is so excited about it. He is having a blast taking a ton of pictures lately and doing a fantastic job. It's so great to see the glimmer in his eye when he talks about it too. I am really getting into the MAC (well...kinda...not really) and learning just a few new things here and there. I am loving his picture program, though, and do want to master it someday.

We have to wait a few more weeks until the new company launches so I will keep you informed and cannot wait to post a link! And as for the other company we are treading through and making it more wonderful by the minute! SO EXCITED!!!


  1. you ARE killing me...and hello i'm preggers!! gotta let me in on the secret! totally lovin' the pic of the little dude!!! so handsome!

  2. What an adorable guy!! It is so fun to see them hit all their milestones!! It goes so quickly!