My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Today is such a


Today is such a

hot chocolate kinda day! It's been so stormy since early morning and I love it. I am slightly weird because I like gloomy days. Not all the time, but it just gets me in the mood for fall which I am so ready for. Summer is so over in my book! However on a sad note today...With all this weather came thunder and lightening. This morning lightening struck a block away in a horse pasture and killed a horse. The neighborhood is just grateful that it wasn't a child or family member. I love nature, but realize how dangerous some of it can be.

Liam is rolling around like crazy and loves to come over while I am on the computer and play with my feet. We are practicing the whole sitting up thing, but all he wants to do is stand or lay down. Crazy kid! Did I tell you that he says dada now. He's been saying mama for over two months, but just a couple of days ago he added a new word to his three word vocabulary. (He also says baba.) Ian just melts every time he hears it. He is so adorable!


  1. wow..."mama" was first? usually it's "dada"-without ANY significance other than being an easy sound to make. what a big boy...he's going to be a mover and a shaker for sure. {eeek! about the horse!}

  2. I ADORE gloomy days too, I have been chuggin down the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, YUUUUUM!!!!