My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Hooked



I heard about this book from family and friends and said that it was totally worth reading. I am not much of a reader besides Harry Potter so I was not into it so much. Then a person (who shall remain nameless) encouraged...rather pestered me to just jump in and start reading it. They had read it and enjoyed it, however, did think it was going to be a huge story with lots of action, not a "romance" novel. I started it and finished it within a day. I am getting the second book tonight so do you think that getting absolutely nothing done around the house two days in a row would be a bad thing?


  1. So I guess you would recommend it? :)
    Because I haven't read a good book in a long time. I want to start some reading this fall. I guess the housework can always wait, especially since you're such a fast reader!

  2. i bought it last weekend @ wally world...was hoping my library would get it, but nope...i haven't started it yet. i am finishing up "vamped"...about a vampire who takes in a human child to raise...i love the dark humor of it...

  3. I would recommend it. It's a pretty easy read.

  4. I linked her from 2peas. I was just telling my friends last night that my daughter is HOOKED on these books too, she is 14 and has read the first 2 in just 2 weeks.

    I got to get reading...
    Nice to meet you...

  5. what is it about? i love to read and have read everything from my favorite author.