My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Early present


Early present

Ian surprised me yesterday and brought this home for me. He is always thinking about how to surprise me and does a pretty good job at it! Everyone I know pretty much hated it, but I liked it. More for the eye candy rather than the store line, but hey. However he made me promise to wait to watch it until he gets home from work. I can't even watch the bonus features! Sometimes, there is always a catch. And, yes, I actually love watching bonus features. I am even enough of a nerd that I listened to the all three (3 hour) commentaries on Lord of the Rings. Um...maybe I shouldn't admit that. Let's just keep it between us!


  1. I'm glad to hear someone else liked that movie too. I hope the story line is a little bit better. Did you stay in the theater, or see the "secret ending" at the end of the dvd? The part when Elizabeth's husband (his name is escaping me) comes back? Fortunately, someone told us to wait in the theater for that part. It came after the credits had rolled.

  2. I watch all of the bonus features and watch with commentary for every movie we own/rent. So, your'e not alone there! I just find it so fascinating. And it's like you're watching the movie with the commentator and getting all the little secrets and scoops.:-D

  3. too funny...thanks for the reminder...i forgot that it came out yesterday.

  4. oooh johnny dep... you slay me.

    did you see he's going to be sweent todd in sweeny todd- one of my altime favorite (albeit gory) musicals! horrah!