My Name Is Snickerdoodle: TO SELL



Just thought I would put a little plug on my blog...

We are selling our Mini MAC computer that Ian bought brand new last year.
$475.00 Or Best Offer!
Please email me if you are interested!

Husband Update:

I try not to edit Amy in any way but it looks like she needs some help. We are selling a Mac mini which is a small desktop Apple computer. If you aren't familiar with it check it out on Apple's site here. The specs on the one I have for sale are: 80gb hard drive 1 MB Ram 1.66 gh processor and it is the Intel core duo. In a nut shell it is a great way to get started learning the Mac operating system. It is just the computer no monitor, keyboard or mouse. Although if you are really interested I do have a monitor, keyboard and mouse to sweeten the offer.


  1. What's a mini MAC?

  2. AMY,
    This is your favorite cousin Danielle. Haha. I have a blog, you should read it. The address is:

    I will add you as a friend. I was talking to Jackie the other night and telling her about my blog and she was all add Susan, and then I saw yours on Susans. I forgot that you had one. Merry Christmas. We should hang out soon. Love ya.