My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Celebration



We sure had a fun filled weekend. We celebrated Liam's first birthday with a little party. And trust me, if we had the funds and a bigger place to have the party, it wouldn't have been little. BUT it was perfect the way it was and I think Liam enjoyed himself. I know I sure did. I had planned for a little while what I would like to do theme wise. I thought of a jungle theme, but Ian brought up a great idea to have the theme of "one". I loved it. There is only so much you can do for that, but I went with primary colors for the decorations. I made a felt pennant banner and some pom poms that I was inspired by here. I had strung some streamers and made some coordinating party hats for the kids. The night before I baked the cakes and then decorated them that morning. I was actually a little teary that my baby was going to have one of my cakes that I have been baking for years. I really didn't' think this little monument would ever happen! We just had a few friends over with their kids, really small and intimate and it was a blast. I made a "homemade"

version of skeeball (my favorite
game) and since Liam didn't have an opinion I knew it would be okay. I just taped three different sized bowls together...the first one worth 1 point, the second worth 11 points and the third worth 111 points. The kids had a blast (and I think the adults enjoyed it a bit too.) Afterwards we opened up gifts (which, thank you all for the fabulous presents. Liam has loved playing with them) and then we had delicious cake and ice cream. I just bought his new birthday so I was the anal mom and took it off so he could get as messy as he wanted. He had no clue what to do with it. Such a change from the boring Cheerios that I put on his tray. Finally Rachel and my mom convinced him to get into it and then he went crazy. He was up a lot later than usual that night...I think he was on a sugar high! Earlier in the week I made some party favor bags to give to his guests so those were fun to shop for. I really tried to keep the cost low so it was fun to see what I could do for everyone for about $1.25. I sent home some cake for some husbands that couldn't be there and all in all we had just enough cake to have a midnight snack last night. Yes, Liam does have little friends that are boys, but I didn't even realize that the friends we invited are all girls! He is such a ladies man!!!
I know that he won't even remember anything about this day, but I sure will and I will let him know how much he is loved.


  1. the cakes are beautiful! (and g didn't want to dig into his cake either, not even after being coaxed.) i'm sure he enjoyed it! kisses!

  2. WOW! Your cake looks bakery quality! It looks super yummy! Love the pom poms hanging over the table--gonna have to keep that in mind. You did a great job on his 1st birthday!!

  3. Can I say, that cake is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It looks like it was a cheerful and beautiful birthday. Save the big parties for when he is a little older, and just enjoy the close ones for now :-)

  4. The pictures are all so sweet and your cake looks delish! Your little guy is adorable. Happy Birthday :)

  5. Your cakes are beautiful! And they look delicious! Congrats to your little one on his first birthday. Yay!

  6. Happy Birthday Liam!

    I can't believe I will be celebrating my baby's 1st b-day in ONE week. I can't believe I was pregnant this time last year-lol.

    Anyway, you did an awesome job Amy! You are quite the creative gal ;o) Liam looks so cute and happy on his birthday.

    Take care,

  7. He's darling! You had such a cute party. I love the cakes.