My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Am I boring you yet?


Am I boring you yet?

I just have two more layouts that I wanted to share. I am putting off packing my scrapbook stash until the very last because I am hoping to get together with some friends and create more layouts.

Yesterday I went out with my parents for lunch and shopping. We went up to Tai Pan Trading Company and found a ton of fun items. Of course I didn't buy a ton, but I did find a very fun "A" for my collection and a darling little glass cake stand with lid. I wish I had a million dollars to spend or that they shipped their products, but no such luck on either one.
Friday I got a call from my Bishop asking if I would like to speak in church on Sunday...I told him that no one every really likes to speak in church, but I would gladly do it. It was on prayer and actually went fairly well. Church starts at 9:00am so I wanted to get up extra early to get ready and look cute. I supposed that my trusty cell phone (slash alarm clock) would automatically change didn't somehow. I was woken up by Liam who wanted his breakfast. I had 40 minutes to shower, get ready, try to look cute, feed my baby and pack the church bag. The clothes that I wanted to wear where totally wrinkly so I changed about 5 times trying to find something that felt right. Not happening. I just had one of those mornings, but finally had got it all together and wasn't late at all. And actually it's ended up being a wonderful Sunday!


  1. love them both. i hate the time change!! kisses!

  2. Lovin' all your LO's! So glad to see you posting them! Your scrapping style is a favorite of mine!

  3. I hate mornings like that! I hate the time change as well! Cute layouts!

  4. We're on our way back to Utah right now and we totally forgot about the time change! Good thing you mentioned it in your post! When do you move? By the way, since I'm down your KMA still open? I am making a scrapbook for my in-laws who just got back from Belize (but I have to make 11 for all the people who went). Maybe I'll just have to go to Pebbles In My Pocket.