My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Drum Roll Please...


Drum Roll Please...

WOW!!! I am super excited about this and want to thank all of you who posted a guess. Almost all of you got it right. Thanks for playing!

Well, I will have to throw a I *HEART*...
Paula Deen (I wish I was her neighbor!)
Book Clubs (actually never been a part of one, until now!)
NY (would love to go someday)
Recipes (I love to collect them)
Trivia (Only if it's about entertainment trivia)
Baking (I baked some cookies just last night)
Photography (that I do love very much)
Scrapbooking (um, yeah!)
Honking My Horn (only at people that pull out in front of me)
American Style
Cheesecake (especially frozen)
Random Scrapbooking Blogs
Movies (lovey dovey ones are my fav)
Music (go iTunes)
Listening to Records
Reading Romantic Novels (just recently)
Grey's Anatomy (never have seen an episode)
Mr. Darcy (everyone needs their own personal Darcy)
Huckabee (no comment)
Obama (no comment)
Americal Idol (Go David A. and Brooke)
Wedding Showers
Jane Austen (always)
Conan O'Brien (I am not up that late)
Rock of Love (he totally should have stayed with Jes)
Bachelor (hello hottie!)
Survivor (haven't ever seen that either)
FOOD (who doesn't?)
Cheesecake Factory (you know how I feel about that!)

...sometime next week. In between packing, cleaning and moving, I am sure I will have plenty of time!

Those were all great guesses, but the actual phrase on the front of the card is
and the them is a Twilight Book Party!

Now I haven't ever been to a party that is based upon a book, but I hear that we are going to play some fun games and (of course) have fabulous fondue!

Soooooooooooooo, after putting your names (of those who guessed right) in a bowl and letting Liam (who is only 1 and ate the paper as well) pick the name...and the winner is...Brooke_hc! Congrats! Email me (at with your address and I will ship off your little prize.

*And for those of you who still have no clue what I am talking about...march yourselves off to the bookstore (or to Costco because they are cheaper) and buy Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse! Well worth the purchase. I have just re-read them all twice (partly because I am a nerd, partly because I can't sleep when Ian is away, and partly because they are that good!)

Thank you all again for posting a comment and feel free to post anytime...*hint, hint*!


  1. Congrats Brooke_Hc!!! hehe~ hi Amy! this is my 2nd visit to your blog and i noticed that you are very cheery & lovable person!!!plus loves to eat (like ME!!)

    I really enjoy reading your blog especially on foods and looking forward to your next giveaway(hihi its fun!) anyhoots, love your hair!!did your curl it yourself or its natural? =)


  2. cute!!! i can't wait for the rundown of the party! i AM SO JEALOUS! i'm going to reread them right before the 4th comes out...and HELLLLOOOOO you've never watched grey's???? We might have a problem there. i don't know it i can associate with you. =0) love to you all!

  3. Sounds like a blast. What cute invitations they are. I'll have to throw an "I HEART Jacob Black" party, but I'm afraid no one would show up except me!

  4. Love the invitations! Have a great time at the party!

  5. LOVE the invite!! Sounds like a FUN party!! Can't wait to hear about it!! I'm with Susan & will be reading them again before the 4th book comes out!

  6. congrats and this was extra fun. let's do it again sometime.

  7. Okay so I want to know what you do at an I *heart* Edward Cullen party because...I'm kinda diggin the idea and I might steal the idea since all my girlfriends have read the books.

    How's the dreaded packing? I so am NOT jealous, haha!

    I'll wave at you tomorrow as I'm in S.F. for some shopping!

  8. Hey Amy! Okay so I'm throwing a huge "Breaking Dawn" bash here for all the women in my ward and I was wondering if I could steal your invite idea. If so...what font did you use for the 'Edward Cullen' and 'Jacob Black' wording?! Thanks!