My Name Is Snickerdoodle: CANNOT WAIT!




  1. I'm with you--I CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!

    So glad you posted the cover I kept meaning to look to see it today but never made it. You're so loyal!

  2. I am glad you love to read.

  3. hi amy.
    i'm just sitting here, eating some rice pudding, catching up on your blog- loving your new layout and loving you.

    we need to get together soon.

    also- there is this awesome rice pudding (since you blogged about rice pudding a few weeks ago)place in new york city called Rice to Riches. it is the most fabulous rice pudding i have ever had. you can have it overnighted for 55 bucks.

    on second thought, maybe we can just go there together sometime. me you and jen in new york city (eating rice pudding). that would be so fun!!

  4. Hi, my name is Lacey. I've posted before on your blog but it's been a while. You can check me out at
    In case you didn't know, SM has printed Eclipse again with the first chapter of Breaking Dawn in it! Just go to your local bookstore and read it! It's awesome! You definitely won't be dissapointed...other than wishing you had Breaking Dawn in your hands!

  5. So have you read the first chapter yet? Oh man... My heart began to beat like no other once again.. True amazement! I love and miss you!