My Name Is Snickerdoodle: So...



last night I was in the kitchen fixing a shake for me and Ian (no I did not make those cookies Aunt Flow was wanting so don't think I am a complete gluten) as a movie treat. I rented (for free) the new National Treasure movie from Redbox...not that good. ANYWAYS....getting off track. I walked out of the kitchen and then remembered that I didn't put the milk away. As I turn around I see there is something writhing on the kitchen floor. Either it appeared out of now where or I stepped over it when I came to and fro from the kitchen before and didn't notice. It was about 5 inches long and pretty thin. I yelped loud enough that Ian flew out of the computer chair to come see (I am sure in his mind) that I was over reacting to whatever it was. He saw it and I immediately claim that it's a snake. He, in his "you are such a girl" voice says, "No, it's not." Then the following conversation was spoken...

Me: "Are you sure?"

Him: "Yes, I am sure. It's a worm."

Me: "Worms don't move like that."

Him: "Yes, they do."

Me: "I haven't ever seen them move like that. It's a snake!"

Him: "I am a boy who played with bugs when I was little. It's a worm"

Me: "Well, GET IT!"

Him: "Well, give me something I can pick it up with."

**Red flag in my mind....if it was just a worm, just pick it up with your fingers!**

It was between me and paper towels so I was not about to get it.

With a sigh that basically said, "You are such a girl, but I really don't mind" he got a paper towel and started to kind of push it around. He finally covers it and gently pats it so as to not completely squish it's guts all over my kitchen floor. Much appreciated. He picked it up and took it to the bathroom. Twice flushed to it's death.

Two minutes later as Ian is putting the movie in...he mumbles...under his breath, but just barely loud enough for me to hear..."It was a snake."



  1. Lol great story! I would yelp also. Im not scared of either snakes or worms, but they dont belong in kitchens!!

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. at my house we would have put it in a terrarium and played with it a while. my son's got a thing for reptiles. :D

  3. heeheehee! Too funny!

    So National Treasure wasn't any good? Darn. I was looking forward to it.

  4. I would have FREAKED!!!! No snakes for me!!

    Love the story!!

  5. AHHH...I am laughing so hard! How funny! I love that Ian was able to admit that it was a snake:) And... thank goodness he was home to take care of it!

  6. A snake in your house? I would have screamed too!

  7. Yuck! I would have flipped. Good thing Ian was there.

  8. Snake? yuck.....Not a worm....I glad you found it and got rid of it. I would have screamed too. I hate ants and snakes.

  9. Oh thats funny! You two make me laugh. That is gross. I'm glad you found it instead of Liam!

  10. I would have been on a chair or something, my husband is the kind of person that will take whatever it is outside and let it go free while I'm screaming KILL IT!

  11. Oh man that is good he was home. If it were with me and Lafe hates snakes but he would take care of the issue.

  12. this happened to me when we lived in Oregon but it was a long, creepy, slimy, gross, disgusting, venomous, dangerous, ugly ...