My Name Is Snickerdoodle: A week later...


A week later...

I finally finished "The Host" the newest novel by Stephanie Meyer. I was really expecting to finish the book the day after I bought it, but I had a hard time getting into it. I figured out why yesterday. I kept comparing it to Twilight because it was written by the same author. I wanted the love story to just jump out at me and come to find was a different kind of love story. "The Host" really isn't anything like Twilight, BUT just as good! I particularly liked it for a specific reason, but I don't want to ruin anything for those of you who have not read it! I was so intrigued once I got past the first couple of chapters. I forget that she kinda gets a slow start in her books. Ian asked me to tell him all about it last night and I got excited just sharing the story. Since I have neglected too many things over the last week I am going to start to read it again once I have caught up on life again. I found this video clip that explains what the book is about! It won't let me embed it so check it out here!

I also finally signed up on Good Reads and have found yet another addiction. I am not a MySpace/Facebook kinda gal, but I would love to be your friend if you are on this site. And if you are not on this site...I highly recommend it. There are now over a dozen of books on my to-be read-at-a-later-date list when before, "The Host" was just about it.


  1. OK. I am glad you feel the same way. It was so hard to read in the beginning, but I'm about half-way through now and I like it. I want to finish it so we can compare notes. haha.

  2. Me too! I feel the same way about the book! Thanks to you I'll stick with since it gets better.

    Love the countdown on your sidebar! I just might have to steal it!! LOL!

  3. i am a few chapters into it, but having a hard time, too, for the same reasons...but it IS interesting so far...

  4. LaRee does the Good Reads site too. You should give her a shout out, she thinks she is the only one. I love the updates to your blog. You are too cute as always.