My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Wonderful



My fantastically wonderful husband surprised me yesterday. He called and said he would be a few minutes late coming home from work. That was alright by me because I was still getting ready for our date. He came and found me in the bedroom with his hand behind his back. He kissed me hello and said "I love you" as he pulled 2 dozen yellow and white roses from behind him. I was shocked! Flowers are a big thing to me so of course I absolutely loved them. He is so great like that. AND always surprising me when I least expect it.
I had printed off directions to get to dinner and movie (which luckily were right beside each other) but they happened to be bad instructions and I didn't get the map to go along with it. We made a last minute decision to go to The Melting Pot that he happened to see on our way to the freeway. We love fondue. Even though we like it better when we do it ourselves at home, it is so nice not to have to prep the food and DEFINITELY nice to not have to clean the pots afterwards. Since eating there is an event it was too late for us to catch a movie so we just went window shopping at a couple of different stores we like.
It was wonderful to actually hold hands in public again...not having to hold a kid on your other hip while balancing bags or pushing a cart. However, we both really missed him a ton and could not wait to see and hold him again! Go figure!


  1. I wanna be cute like you guys when I get married. So, ANTM took 'The Host' to Cali!!!! I had like 100 pages left and now I'll have to wait till Tuesday to finish it because I'm too cheap to go buy another copy. UGH. I'm like so bummed. I wish you lived here still cause I would get it from you!

  2. what a sweetie!! enjoy that free time girl! kisses for the little dude.

  3. So sweet! Sounds like you had a lovely date night :)
    Thanks for putting up the recipe, definitely have to make those one weekend!

  4. How sweet! Sounds like a great night out-- movie or not! Glad you had a good time!

  5. Ian that was so nice to give your wife such pretty flowers. I am glad you could get out by yourselves and have a night out. What a fun date night.