My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Yes, I am okay.


Yes, I am okay.

A lot of people have been slightly worried that I am dead in a ditch somewhere! No, I am taking a few days hiatus from the internet. I needed to get caught up on day to day things and have let some projects of mine get a little dusty because of my web surfing! I am making it sound like I am on the computer all day long...just a few minutes here and there really add up! It's so hard for me to get on and just check one thing. You all know how it is so shake your head in agreement and please keep checkin' in!
I'll be back really soon!
I guess I am technically back since I am posting this!!!


  1. It is okay to get some things done.

  2. Yeah...I was getting worried! Hope you get caught up on everything, and I'll keep checking back!

  3. i thought you were consumed by a great book or baking something yummy or planning a fabulous party or creating some incredible projects. getting "mom chores" done is OK, too. guess i'll follow your lead and clean the bathrooms this weekend.

  4. Ugh, those few minutes a day here and there SO do add up!!! And with that said, I'd better get off the internet myself! Lol.

  5. I'm glad you're back!