My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I don't know how he does it,


I don't know how he does it,

but Liam just gets cuter ever day! When he doesn't think I'm not watching, I'll catch him laughing at himself for something he said or did. It cracks me up! He just got two more molars in which make 11 and 12 teeth. So we added brushing his teeth to his nightly routine. He likes it and tries to do it himself. I was holding him last night and let the mommy sadness set in that he is so big. Ian and I love him so much!

Well, Rachel ended up not coming because her baby was not feeling well at all. Who wants to fly on a plane with an irritable baby...not me! I am sad, but still hoping that I can come out there in a month to visit with my family and friends. I really enjoy's just a little harder now with a mobile toddler!

Yesterday I found out that I actaully won a giveaway off of Sande Krieger's blog. I got these adorable stamps. If you haven't ever checked her blog out, you must! She is such an inspiration! I met her a long time ago at a CHA and totally made a fool out of myself. She came to the booth just looking around at things and I said that I must know her from somewhere. She told me her name and I didn't recognized it, but I knew her face from somewhere. Months later, I was looking through some old scrapbook magazines and there was her face. She is scrapbook famous. She was very nice and humble and didn't even mention it.

My Snickerdoodlz secret is going to be revealed over the next few days so keep checking back in!


  1. Look at that adorable picture...what a cutie! Hmmm...a secret, huh?

  2. He is just too CUTE! Does he like hats at all or just random clothes?

  3. Good genes!

    I love his little person nose, so little, yet so grown up at the same time

  4. kisses for the little dude!!!

    congrats on the stamps...very cool!!

    and yeah, what sara asked...

    patiently holding my breath!!!

  5. cute. I laughed and laughed and then I laughed even harder when he was laughing at himself. What a cute picture. Congrats on the stamps. Super. I bet you were excited.

  6. Liam is adorable! Love that picture! Can't wait to hear about your new adventure!

  7. Liam will put anything and everything on his head....buckets, headbands, shorts, pajama bottoms, hand towels, his little blankets...and every once in a while he will put an actual hat on. It is the funniest thing!

  8.'s been a few days and I'm dying over here! Spill the beans already:o)