My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Run to the grocery store...


Run to the grocery store...

and pick up some red potatoes. I made these delish potatoes the other night. This picture is not actually the ones I made, but the Pioneer Woman's picture of the ones that she made. I HIGHLY suggest that you make them. I could have eaten a million of them! They were a hit with my mother-in-law if that tells you how good they were. I have a secret stash of Hawaiian salt (thank you Lasi) that I think help entice the taste buds even more. If you have never used Hawaiian salt, I also HIGHLY suggest that you get some and use it on everything! So, so goooooooood...


  1. I made these with my older DD (she smashed them) & my hubby LOVED them! Will have to try that salt like you said.....

  2. they do look good..I will have to make them.

  3. Amy your are continually amazing! Those look so good! I hope all is well! Love ya!

  4. uhm - red potatoes?? I'm suyre you don't get them here in South Africa where I live. Looks yummy! :)

    Michelle (aka Woestynblom)

  5. These look so fabulous!!!
    I licked the screen, that is as close as I get to eating potatoes.
    It is sad, I know.