My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Someone buy this kid a hat!


Someone buy this kid a hat!

I guess that is my responsibility as his parent, but it's too fun to see what he puts on his head instead.

We all just lounged around this weekend. Liam wasn't feeling so hot since he has been teething like crazy. Ian and I have been mad dogs catching up on season 4 of LOST. brain is hurting from all the twists and turns, but we love it!


  1. I cant believe that is on his head. Mstr fishy diaper. He is one active child.
    so cute...........

  2. he's too sweet!! g and k weren't about that so much...but g loooooved wearing hats so he always had one on as a baby, but not so much now.

  3. He's too CUTE!! Love the innocent look on his face too! I think these "hats" need a LO for the album...a great memory!