My Name Is Snickerdoodle: 08-08-08



Liam is 18 months old today! When someone finds out how to slow down time...please let me know!
L is for lovable! He has the most tender heart and squishable cheeks!
I is for intelligent! I am so amazed of how quickly he cacthes on to new concepts, words and actions.
A is for absolutely adorable! On the outside and inside.
M is for mine! We waited forever for him to come to our family so I am grateful that we only have to share him with our Heavenly Father...until Liam finds a wife, that is.


  1. I would love to slow time down. My son will be 9 this year, and I swear he was only born yesterday!

  2. I told my little guy tonight that he had to stay 2 1/2 forever, and he just looked at me and laughed like I was the silliest person he knew...guess that means he's gonna grow up. :(

  3. Too cute! I love how lovable they are at that stage!

  4. He is so cute. Grandma knows. He really grown up.

  5. Love your sweet tribute to Liam. How is he already 18-months-old? Pretty cool day for an 18-mo. celebration!