My Name Is Snickerdoodle: And the second runner up is...


And the second runner up is...

Breaking Dawn. I know I already blogged about it, but my views have changed a little. I am reading it for the second time and totally taking my time this round. I have been reading on some other sites, reading reviews and hearing the murmurs that this book is a big flop. And the most common theme with these complaints is that everything is working out too perfect. There is no tragedy. Well, shouldn't that be a good thing? I am a big fan of the happy ever after endings because I believe that it can happen. So if you are one (like I was) that was not completely satisfied with this story, give it another try. For Edwards sake!!!


  1. whaaat?? i haven't heard it's being called a "flop". grrr! that makes me mad. seriously, can't Edward and Bella just have their Happily Ever After without any complaints? sheesh! personally, i LOVED the 4th book! even me, the dark and twisty one! lol it's my new fave. i love how it all works out. that's how the series should end!! duhh. people kill me.

    i'm glad you're reading it again. :)

    love ya!

  2. Round two is definitely better. And I love the happy ending-who wants something bad to happen anyway-not I.

    i seriously went craaaazy! i reaaaaally didn't like her playlist. it was sooo stinkin' cheesy. ughh! i made a whole new one that better suits the storyline. tell me what you think....and what song goes to what scene!! yay! i love being a fanpire!

    love you!

  4. i MIGHT read it, again, but it really is my least favorite, it's not how i would have ended it, but it wasn't my story to write. i appreciate the story...just not a huge fan of some of the turns in it. ummm...renesme (hate that name)...and jacob stuff...not happy about it, and think the end dragged a bit...but i still love the series. i was torn between edward and jacob for bella, so that really explains my issues with the book. ;0)

  5. I am SO glad it was a Happily Ever After ending!

  6. I loved the book! Twilight will always be my #1 but BD is possibly my #3. I intend on reading it again soon. Loved the very end of it.

    Found a link where Stephanie Meyer explains some questions people had about the book, you can see it linked on my blog

  7. I've checked out the interviews and message boards with everyones views on the book. I can totally relate to the people who LOVED the book...but on the other side, I can totally relate to the people who HATED the book.

    I did go back after my first read and re-read certain chapters. After a few days of thinking I can honestly say I loved it! I'm just wishing it wouldn't end! I was bummed too that there was no epilogue!