My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I can finally


I can finally

stop with the scrapbook guilt. Well, most of it at least. A while back, Costco was trying to switch up their online service and it was a flop. They credited us (as I am sure they did millions of other customers) 50 free 4x6 pictures. It expires soon so I was on our computer today trying to get some pictures uploaded. It's been a (very long) while since I have scrapbooked anything for Liam and I couldn't remember what pictures I had already printed off (and are waiting for me in a large pile) and what I haven't. When looking for those pictures today, I came across another box. It was chuck full of layouts that I had completely forgotten that I had done. I don't know I one could forget all of that, but I did! Now I don't feel as guilty for not keeping up with it. It has actually motivated me to work a bit harder at getting more done. I'm actually excited to get pictures back from Costco...instead of that dread that it's just more to scrap. I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with this favorite hobby of mine!
**And to think...these layouts are just of his first 2 months!!! JUST KIDDING...(maybe!)


  1. i have soooo given up on scrapbooking. i've decided to blog instead....telling myself i can turn these posts into a book, once every year. :) and if i go back to scrapbooking later, it'll be out of desire not demand. :)

    love ya!!

  2. i don't even think that i've done that many layouts total! and it's been a while,too. trying to get a kid friendly area next to my {s}crap desk...almost done...just my desk is piled high with CRAP! ugh!

    kisses for the little man!

  3. Love seeing a stack like that! Makes me want to scrap more! I'd love to see more of your work!

  4. Wow----lots and lots. Keep up the good work.