My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I know, I know, I know...


I know, I know, I know...

Enough about Twilight already! Right, I know that is what you are really thinking, but I cannot help myself today....or yesterday or even tomorrow! I have become a little occupied in the last few hours with THIS. If you even remotely consider yourself a fan and haven't hear THIS must live under a rock...granted, rocks are cold and solid like Edward, but that is beside the point. Go hurry and put your laundry in, put something in the crock pot for dinner and slap a movie in for the kiddos (I am not an advocate for that as a babysitter, but just this once would be nice!) and hunker down (did I just say hunker?) in front of the computer because you are going to be occupied for a while!



  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Yay. But, at the same time I'm kind of sad because it's not going to be the whole thing, and is she going to write the other 3 from Edward's perspective? Well, I'm not going to complain!

  2. i posted about this this morning...and i missed that it got leaked and she decided to release it...found out on twitter...of all places!

    i hope to read it tonight after the kiddos go to bed!

  3. read it.
    loved it.
    read it again.
    loved it more.

    ahhhh, what will i do if i never hear edward's version of the meadow???? probably go insane in the membrane!!

    so good. so, so ,sooooo good!!