My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Needed a reason to


Needed a reason to

blog (because I am addicted) and couldn't come up with a single thing. As you know my blog is totally random stuff. I was lucky to get tagged by Rachel...I know being tagged really isn't considered lucky, but come on...who doesn't love a good tag!

The last 3 things I purchased:
maple syrup
bbq sauce
pink fingernail polish ( a girl can never have enough pink polish!)

The last 3 songs I downloaded:
Burnin' Up/Jonas Brothers (Ian is so sick of that song because I listen to it so much!)
That's How You Know/Demi Lovato (thanks to Karin)
Leavin'/Jesse McCartney (thanks to Danielle)

The last 3 places I visited:
(I am totally getting into couponing!!! Good times!) But I think the question is for fun places like Rome...but I haven't been anywhere fun for a very long time!

My 3 favorite movies:
Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version)
Music and Lyrics or Charlie's Angels...I can't decide.

My 3 favorite possessions:
"Our Gift" Willow Tree figurine that we got from Logan last year for Christmas.
My scrapbooks
Pictures of my family

3 things I can't live without:
tweezers (don't ask!)

My 3 wishes:
I wish for a little girl to be born to our family
I wish that I could pay cash for a brand new Mustang for Ian
I wish that I had my own personal cook
I wish that I had a huge scrapbook room full of fabulous supplies and plenty of room that my friends could come over.
I wish gas prices would come down to $.99 a gallon.
I wish that I had my own personal jet that I could fly to Utah and visit family and friends whenever I wanted.
I wish...oh wait, I was only supposed to do 3!

3 things I haven't done yet:
Been published on the front of a scrapbook magazine
Flown in a helicopter over a volcano (dormant of course!)
Travel all over Europe with Ian with our own personal guide who speaks 15 different languages.

My 3 favorite dishes:
Crispy Chicken Costeletta from Cheesecake Factory
Deepfried Turkey with gravy...and mashed potatoes...well the whole Thanksgiving meal, really
Mexicano Spud from Jason's Deli

3 celebs I'd want to hang out with:
Drew Barrymore
Sandra Bullock
Is Edward Cullen considered a celeb???

3 things that freak me out:
Liam choking (it's only happened once!)
Seeing scary movie trailers...I hate them!

3 things I'm good at:
Loving on Ian and Liam

3 things I'm currently coveting:
A size 8 waist
Other's blogs
A fancy new flat screen tv

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  1. Hey I'm going to be making our blog private for safety reasons. Send me an email so that I can invite you to view it at

  2. Leavin' really is like the best song ever. I listen to it all of the time, and I've had it on my iPod for like 3 months.

  3. I thought one thing that freaks you out the Halloween aisle any store. That was so cool. I enjoyed all of it.

  4. yay! i kinda liked being tagged. it was fun to sit and answer the questions. i do surveys all the time on myspace. but this was more fun somehow. haha! i'm a dork.

    love ya!