My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Okay, okay


Okay, okay

For all of you neglected Twilight fans, here is your free Jacob Black bookmark! Another reminder...I am not a whiz at photoshop so I made it just as simple as the Edward Cullen bookmark. Thank you for all your comments and emails about it. I still haven't printed one off for me yet. So for all your fence sitters out there, just print off both and tape them back to back!
**Just save the picture to your files and print a 3x8 version of it on cardstock.


  1. love it...i printed the other and i'll tape it to the back of this one...still a little undecided...

    not feeling the whole bella thing right now...

  2. haven't read the book yet... heard it's good...

  3. You are the 2nd person to mention this Jacob person, I have got to get to that part. Bella is still crushing on Edward in my Twilight world. :)

  4. Thank you thank you thank you Amy!! This one is soooo much better than the first. It's Jacob all the way!


    that's what my shirt said....i totally called it!! jenn said you weren't really reading...just skimming!! you are in big trouble. you go back and read it, you lil' stinker. it's sooooooo good, Am. i loooove it. we need to IM or gmail chat with Jenn and SOON! we miss your guts.

    love ya!