My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Road Trip


Road Trip

Since I plan on lounging around all weekend long doing nothing, I just thought I would post this adorable picture of Liam. It's totally out of focus, but I love it. He "drove" around in his car carrying around this huge bag of blocks his grandpa gave him for about 30 minutes. He is so silly sometimes!


  1. He's so cute!Bria got that little car for her 1st b-day and they still play with it sometimes! Money well spent! I must say...I think you're BEYOND addicted to the Twilight series! Poor Ian:) Have a great weekend!

  2. How cute! My kids had that same car when they were little

  3. That's so cute!

    You'll have to break this out when he's 16 and goes to get his real lisence =0)

  4. He is so cute. He also has on his other arm that blue/tan piece that is part of a lion. He was entertained for a long time. Those blocks are heavy for him. I just want to squeeze him. The word love doesnt even do justice how I feel for him.
    He is my litle buddy.

  5. it makes you wonder what he's thinking while pulling the blocks and driving ... does he see his daddy behind the wheel, or does he think he's driving to grandma's? i love how kids are so imaginative!

  6. NO!!!!!!!!!!! So, I just finished the excerpt of Midnight Sun, and I'm so bummed that it didn't even get to the part in the Meadow. It was really good, but now I'm DYING to read more. UGH!

  7. we're on our first road trip with Allie. we drove to Reno. she did really well, my sweet girl.

    we're driving back tonight. call you tomorrow to discuss Midnight Sun.
    give the boys kisses from us!

    love you.