My Name Is Snickerdoodle: A twist


A twist

So a while ago one of my readers, Alex, gave me this super fun link! They are snickerdoodle muffins! I was in the mood to make something today so I made them. Mine didn't look as good as this picture, but pretty delicious. Thanks, Alex, for thinking of me when discovering something so yummy!
I think I am going to make October muffin month. So look forward to some more muffin recipes before the end of the month! I really should have thought about this at the beginning of the month because time is slipping by as usual!


  1. The muffins look so good. So does the other cupcake--chocolate muffin with pink on it.

  2. snickerdoodles are my fav cookies so i am definitly needing to try the muffins...

  3. So glad you tried them, YUM! :)