My Name Is Snickerdoodle: If Liam were old enough


If Liam were old enough

I would totally do this!!!

I would have loved that as a kid! I remember one year I was going to try to see if it was my parents eating the Christmas cookies or if there really was a Santa. We were going out of town for the holiday, but I still insisted to leave Santa and his reindeer something just in case he forgot I wasn't going to be there. I made sure I was the last one out of the house so my parents couldn't do any last minute munching. Sure enough, the cookies had been nibbled and I still don't know how my parents did it...then again...I was only 7 and probably had the short attention span that all kids do at that age and they snuck back in before we drove off. I love Christmas memories!


  1. Those cookies and milk were eaten by Santa. Wasnt us.

  2. Sorry Amy It wasn't me. There really is a Santa Claus and He likes Snickerdoodle cookies. The're His favorite. He told my so.

  3. he eats the cookies the kids leave out for him every year at our house...sometimes he's a little messy!

  4. lol! I would have loved to get something like that too!

    They also have letters and personalized stories at

  5. ohh, that letter would be so cool!!

    and i'm sure Santa LOVES snickerdoodles. i mean, who doesn't?? LOL.