My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Purple is the new black!


Purple is the new black!

Last week my friend, Colette, dropped this off at my home. She is an international flight attendant (very cool) and knows that I am in love with Cadbury and anything black currant. I was in heaven...I use the past tense because these containers are practically empty! Thanks so much, Colette!

And to make all of you either have your heart skip a beat...or cringe...Here is my Twilight tidbit for the day! We are counting down hours here people!


  1. OHMYLAAAAAAAANTAAAAAAA! Tomorrow we go to dinner and then the movie. i seriously cannot wait another second. i am so ready to LOVE this movie. i think i'm gonna go and see it on Friday night again. LOL. make greg take me or something?! hahaha, yeah right!!

    and YAY for cadbury!! mmm!

  2. What kind of chocolate is that? Milk, dark? It looks pretty good....

  3. thank you for that. It was beautiful...why is his hair so Crazy though...ummm RObbie its called a shower and a brush :)