My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Utah



It's been almost a month since I flew out to Utah. And so, shamefully, I am finally posting about it! And a warning...I was not feeling the camera magic so ALL of my pictures are horrible, but I am going to share them anyways. AND blogger is pretty bad at having your post look nothing like it did when you were writing it and adding pictures so sorry that is messed up, too!

Even though it was pretty stressful trying to fly out, I had a wonderful fast two weeks there. When we first got on the plane Liam was pretty sleepy, but because of the idiot in front of us (mean old codger) he had a short screaming fit. He calmed down after I let him kick the guys seat for a while...I know I am horrible, but I was MAD! He slept the whole way after that, which I was grateful for.

It was wonderful to see my parents again. Liam was a little aprehensive at first, but warmed up to them by the end of the night. We ate lunch at the ever so delicious Cheesecake Factory and then hurried to do some errands before heading home.
The next day was Halloween and my mom's office was having a party. Everyone dressed up and took pictures for their corporate costume contest. My mom won third place...she was dressed as Shrek and held Liam who was a chicken in the picture. When they submitted it the caption to go along was,"Shrek and his dinner." So cute!
We had quite a few early trick or treaters so Liam was so intrigued that all these characters where coming to the door. Once we would shut the door, he would knock on the other side and say,"Hello." He was cracking me up! My mom and grandma came along to go trick or treating with us. It was such a blast to go in our old neighborhood again. Liam totally figured it all out by the third door and did not want any help from me. He would hold up his bag and say, "Please!" We saw a ton of friends out that night with they cute little kids.
I got to hang out with a bunch of friends and family while I was there. I didn't get to see some people, but our schedules just weren't matching up. We had a ton of lunches and fun family dinners. On one of our last days there my grandma to us to the Thanksgiving farm to see all the animals. Liam was on go mode the entire time and loved the horses. He even got a pony ride!
Maybe if I look through this little crack I can see more trick or treaters!

Halloween Kisses!

My cute little chicken!

Is there any candy in here yet?

A pretty good stash for an almost 2 year old!
Cut out the middle man and just don't take off the wrapper!

Playing on a beautiful fall day!

Hanging out with grandpa! Liam's cute little betrothed!

We went out to lunch with some neighborhood friends to a very kid friendly place, Jaxie's. It was so good to get together eat delicious food!
The first snow of the season! Liam was watching it snow and kept calling it "bubbles" in his cute little voice! Probably the only snow we will see this winter.
The best hot chocolate is found at Borders! Second best is made in my cocomotion! I know we have them here in Texas, but I just had to warm up from all that chilly snow!
Jenn had this game just laying around her house. EVERY time Rachel and I came over we had to play a couple rounds. Oddly addicting. Jenn whooped us every time!

It was a must that I see Analee, Ian's aunt and family. Again, my schedule conflicted with some, but we had a great lunch with Heber. Liam thought he was just the coolest.

This picture cracks me up because it looks like Kennedy thinks Liam stinks! Don't all boys?
The stare down!!! How dare you take my baby!

Then the make up high five! Janine was a another must see. We "shopped" around at Tai Pan Trading company, tried every sample of yummy fudge and went to dinner. We always have a great time!

The cousins decided a high five wasn't enough so they ended their visit with a hug! Completely adorable!!!

He discovered the Tupperware wheel of fun! Of course he is wearing a bowl in his head. It's what he does and he looks good doing it!

One more visit with my two good friends in the neighborhood! Jamie and Karin are just the cutest and I cannot believe how big all of our boys are!

Liam kept trying to offer his toy to all the animals! Now if he would just be so willing to share his toys with other kids that would be great!
Great Grandma showing Liam the Rams and Grandma having fun with Liam on the wagon ride.

It's so fun to see my parents as grandparents!
"Jamming" with second cousins, Gabby and Camille!

He was grandma's little shadow the whole time we were there! They are fabulous grandparents and we miss them so much. It was great to get to go on vacation for so long. It's always a good sign when it goes by really fast because that means you are having a wonderful time!

**I finally found the down side to blogs...everyone who reads it is already caught up on your "life"!


  1. sounds like you had a great trip. thanks for sharing the memories

  2. Now I'm really sad that we never hooked up while you were here. I'm loving the new hairdo btw. Too cute.

  3. You got some good shots of Liam and Kennedy. Email them to me because the ones I took are not as good. We loved seeing you, and miss you tons

  4. we miss you all so much.

    hugs and kisses to the boys. hope they get feeling better soon!!

    love ya!!

  5. ah - i wish we could've seen twilight together on the big screen. i could've asked you many questions!

  6. Loved this blog. So cute. We had the best time with you and Liam. We miss Ian so much. Wish he could have been here. What a blast. All the pictures are adorable. We miss you both so much. Liam was getting so attached to me..I loved every minute. I cant wait to scrapbookmy pictures. Ian thank you for letting them stay. I know you missed them. You are a very good father and Amy a great mother.

  7. Hi there, it's Jalei (Regina's friend). I think she mentioned to you I was interested in Ian taking some pictures for me. I was hoping you could pass along my email address to him so I can see if he can fit me in his schedule sometime? Thanks!

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip back home for your vacation.. and great pics!!

  9. hello family!!! looks like you had a great time!

    have a fun turkey day!