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Double Batch

This recipe I got from my aunt Lisa. She is the type of person that you can completely trust to love the recipes she shares with you. So if you haven't had this is a MUST TRY!

I think I am 10 years old in this picture. Lisa was dropping my mom and I off at the airport after our visit to Cali. Notice the awesome feathered bangs! What was I thinking giving those rad sunglasses away? Lisa was and is the best!

Christmas Crunch
1 large bowl full of (all of or some of):
2 2/3 cups sugar
1 cup karo
2 cups real butter
In a large saucepan, stir together sugar, karo and butter over medium high heat. Bring to soft ball stage. Pour over dry mixture and coat well. Transfer to cookie sheet and lightly sprinkle with salt. Dry over night or for several hours.
* I used rice chex, corn flakes and pretzel sticks.
If you plan on giving this out as neighbor gifts, you are going to want to make a double batch because you will eat half of it yourself as it is "drying"! I made it for a party we went to last night and every time I went to the kitchen, I helped myself to just a little.

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  1. ooh, yummy! i'll have to try this for family game night!!
    and i love the pics!! lol. i have got to get some of our old pics out and start scanning.

  2. I knew this post was gonna be yummy cuz the title is so appealing:o) Yeah...I'll be making that tomorrow!
    BTW...You are lookin totally rad in that picture:o)

  3. mmmm yumm! I just love the Aqua Net bangs you had going on!

  4. YUMM! I have made something kinda like this before except in mine you use Corn Chex, Golden Grahams, Almond Slivers, and Coconut and then the same thing you do with the Sugar, Karo And Butter. YUMM YUMM YUMM! I agree double, no triple batch it!!!!

  5. Oh my heck. My mom was such a babe. And your glasses are totally in now. You were just ahead in fashion then everyone else like duh

  6. The pictures just keep getting better. What else you got?

  7. I make something very similar, but easier. What is soft ball anyway??!! I'm chef-ly challenged!

  8. This crunch is very good. Looking at this picture you too look very cool. I had forgotton about this one. Look how young you look Amy.

  9. omigosh!! you brave girl!!

    might have to try this out. the kids would love it, i'm sure.

  10. How come I am not in the picture?? That is VERY unluxury.

  11. Hi Amy, I got to your site from the recipe exchange. I'm going to have to make this recipe!!

    Ok, this is SO random....but did your husband go to Martin High School in Arlington? If so, I think he was in one of my algebra classes....MANY years ago! I know totally random, but I recognized the name and he's really tall! ha!
    Please come visit my blog...I'd love to know if that is him! My maiden name was Gregg.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!